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The current state of Nindo

You might have noticed that after December last year Nindo went silent. That is for a reason. The core functionality of Nindo, the RSS features, is built wrong. What does that mean? That means every post on every RSS feed loaded into Nindo is cache...

Robin @robin

I added a quick way to toggle the font used to display posts, alongside share options. It will be saved to localStorage and is loaded using a Phoenix Hook. Available fonts are the default (system) sans font, Merriweater, Helvetica and Ubuntu Mono.

Posted on 23/12/2021

Robin @robin

I have written a quick and dirty API to share the raw markdown of posts by accessing /markdown/:id. Maybe this will be usefull for somebody :)

Posted on 22/12/2021

Robin @robin

The YouTube embeds will soon be from Invidious instead of YouTube itself. This will eliminate all the stupid YouTube tracking. The Invidious instance that Nindo will use is

Posted on 22/12/2021

Finishing the transition to Phoenix LiveView.

As some of you might know from my previous posts, I have been spending the last week to converting the traditional HTTP-based controller design of Nindo to a faster and over all better alternative: Phoenix LiveView. ## What is LiveView LiveView is ...

The docs have moved.

I just moved the docs from to . They're still hosted using GitHub actions and automatically built and deployed when I push to the master branch. When you visit the old URI it will simply redirect you to the new domain. I also configured the root dom...

LiveView works now?!

Well, that was unexpected. The LiveView homepage actually works now. I only had to post over 30 million test posts to check whether it was working. Anyway, time to get the champagne (nevermind, I’m underage_) For those very confused now, I've b...

Introducing: Nindo (again)

Some of you might remember Nindo. It is a small-scale social media platform I introduced somewhere around 2019. It was written very poorly, and to add insult to injury I chose PHP. It was only used by a few people from a local programming community, ...